Facebook: A Surprising Source of Humility

Yesterday afternoon I posted a status on FB venting about my frustrations of jury duty.  As facebook usually allows, it turned into this huge thing where a lot of people were commenting, sharing their opinions about my opinion, etc.  Needless to say it got out of hand and it ended with me very embarrassed, frustrated, hurt, degraded, and deleting the status altogether.

Then I realized…wait…it’s just Facebook.  I realized how reliant I had allowed my heart and mind to become on what others thought of me.  I had allowed my happiness and joy in Christ Jesus and His amazing blessings in my life to be tainted by jealousy over things that others are/were doing, buying, seeing, etc.  Also, I had wasted countless hours sitting in front of my computer, being unproductive, watching status updates, updating my status, pinning things that I have yet to do.  Yesterday, I realized how unproductive I had allowed myself to become and how I had shifted my focus and worship on God and His word/will, to focusing on others and wanting to be approved or be like them.

So…yesterday, I sat down and was thinking why I was so affected by the comments others had written and why I was so embarrassed about my own opinion/rants about jury duty, and these are the things I identified as problems and things that I want to improve on in my life.

1) To be more intentional/disciplined in my daily, weekly, and monthly activities.

– this includes getting myself on a productive, healthy, and organized daily routine that pleases God and my husband.

-this includes setting aside time to plan out my schedule and chores each week, which will ultimately improve my time and money budgets.

2) To be more organized in my daily working and personal life

-this includes doing chores everyday, despite whether I “feel” like it or not (part of growing up that I have struggled with the most- getting past my emotions).

– this includes my organization and cleanliness in my home, car, and working space.


3) To be more positive in my words, thoughts, and actions.

– this includes no longer complaining about everything (and posting about it for the world to see)

– this includes working past pessimism in my mind about myself and my work (self-pessimism only makes me desire what others have more, and the more unhappy I am about that, the less I rely on God and the less I glorify Him with my attitude, which I’m sure people notice).

– this includes trying to do something everyday out of kindness, for David, the Lord, and for someone else.

After this, I began searching for Bible study plans so I can be more on top of spending time in the Word.  If I don’t have a plan of what I’m going to read that day, I probably won’t read or spend time in prayer.

So, please be praying for me as I give my attitude over to God and allow Him to change me.  If you have any prayer requests, please let me know.

In Christ,

Emily Grace

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