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Simple Ideas to Help You Deep-Clean Your Home

Foreword: I promise, I didn’t forget about my blog…it’s just been CCRRAAZZY up in here. Between the school year coming to an end, helping with graduation, cleaning out my classroom, renovations on our home, and prepping for a huge yard sale, I got lost in life…and, I’m not going to lie, I got tunnel-vision on… Continue reading Simple Ideas to Help You Deep-Clean Your Home

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Budgeting Basics (Part 1): Creating a Basic Budget

My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years now. We were basically babies when we first got married. I was still in college, David was just starting our ballroom dance business out, and we were both working part-time, minimum-wage jobs in-between everything else. We had very little “real-life” experience and we were… Continue reading Budgeting Basics (Part 1): Creating a Basic Budget

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Munchie Monday: Dehydrated Strawberry-Kiwi Snack

My mom got me a dehydrator for my birthday this past year. You might say “Woooh…another kitchen appliance 😳” but for real- it has become incredibly helpful in saving us grocery money and snacking a little healthier. I’ve done squash and zucchini chips, and strawberry chips before, but this was a fun (and delicious) twist.… Continue reading Munchie Monday: Dehydrated Strawberry-Kiwi Snack

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Cook’n’Craft Sunday: All-Veggie Vegetarian Spaghetti

This is absolutely one of my favorite meals to have for dinner…and although it says “vegetarian” in the title, it can also be pretty flexible. You can add things like shredded chicken or beef to the sauce if you prefer a little meaty protein in your meals. For this recipe, I use an FANTASTIC tool… Continue reading Cook’n’Craft Sunday: All-Veggie Vegetarian Spaghetti