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My Mary & Martha Why

2ee599980c1c01f61d4d9f0450eef5b9Since I was a kid, I ALWAYS wanted to own my own business. My brain has ALWAYS been business-geared, I don’t know why, it just has been. Since I graduated college, I’ve been trying to find something that fit for me. I’m creative, so I tried doing art, crocheting, & making jewelry to sell…but it was too time-consuming. I tried selling jewelry through a different direct-sales company. It was cute stuff…but again, at that point in my life I was teaching…which, if you know someone who is a teacher you know THAT is too time-consuming, too. Plus…I don’t wear a ton of jewelry, so not only did it not fit my schedule, it also didn’t fit my personality.

Since I’ve started my new job, though, I have found I have a lot more time on my hands. I’ve been able to spend more time with God, my family, catching up on things I was behind on…and now it is giving me the opportunity to live out my dream.

With all the time I had, I thought, “hey, why not increase my income-opportunities by selling through another company?” But I was nervous. I really didn’t want to just jump into something. Whatever company I joined, I wanted it to be God’s will, I wanted it to work for me, fit my personality, & match my goals. There are a lot of different popular companies out there and I thought about each one. Again, with each of them, they just didn’t fit- I already have too many clothes, I don’t really wear make-up, I don’t need anymore bags, I definitely don’t need anymore jewelry…so what could I do? I also didn’t want to join a company that had already saturated the market. And most importantly, I wanted to join a company that would give me the freedom & flexibility to live out my faith through what I was doing, too.

Over the past year or two, my faith has become something incredibly dear to me. I feel like over the past year or two, God has been working on my heart & He has been making Himself so clear & real to me…even though I can’t see Him. So whatever I joined, I wanted HIM to be the center of what I was doing- glorifying God & serving others for His glory at the same time.

Then, a thought came into my head. I had previously heard about a little company called Mary & Martha. I knew they were a Christian company so I started looking into them. I found that their product matches my personality & style 100%, but more than that, a lot of what they produce points to God for His glory & is for the purpose of building people up. The people that I have already met & the things I have seen & read, in just the 3 days since I have joined have so filled me with God-glorifying encouragement…and that is what I have wanted in a company that I work for. That it’s not about me, it’s not about making money, but it’s about God and others. Another thing that sold me on them- they have an option where you can add $1 or more to your order & it goes to donate Bibles to children around the world through the organization Compassion International. I LOVE that! Other smaller things that sold me- it wasn’t crazily expensive to buy into which ultimately makes it easier to make a profit, EVERYONE can use the products they have to offer, and the market isn’t saturated with people selling their line.

Host Benefits! Host a party & get free & discounted items for you, your home, or your friends!

Take a look into it yourself. Look through the online catalog, make your Christmas gift or wish list, get a gift for someone you know is getting married or moving into their own place for the first time. Host a party & earn free items for your own home, or…if you’re looking for the opportunity to make a little extra income, this might be the perfect thing for you!

Feel free to check out my site (, place an order, comment below or email me for more details.

Overall, I am excited for this opportunity & I am excited to see where God will lead me & how God may use me through this.

Be blessed, friends!

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