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The Best Kind of Make-up…


I am a people-watcher…

No…I’m not the creepy person standing at your window or invading your bubble…I just enjoy humanity. I enjoy candid humanity- watching people’s reactions, expressions, how they live in the moment when they’re not worried about anyone around them…not because they generally don’t care, but more because they’re unaware. There’s just something about seeing people being genuine- it’s beautiful.

It’s beautiful because it’s rare.

It’s rare because that is humanity.

We hide our true selves out of fear of what others think. We hide our true selves because we are burdened. We hide our true selves because we are weighed down with stress. It may be unintentional, but we still do it…so the rare moments when people are genuine because they’ve let their guard down, they’re stunning.

This all came to mind because of something my husband said to me. One morning on the way to church we were talking about how I’ve changed since I started my new job. He commented on how he likes how I’ve started smiling more. His next comment just struck me & stuck in my mind. He said, “that’s the best kind of make-up any woman could wear, a genuine smile.” The conversation didn’t go a whole lot further, but that comment dug in deep & stayed in the back of my mind until something brought it back to life…

One night at our ballroom, after one of our showcases, I was standing to the side in my usual spot behind the large speaker. Everyone had just finished all of their performances, they were all on the stage, chowing down on the delicious food everyone contributed, they were talking, laughing, smiling, & having an incredible time.

And for a second…

Just one second…

Time paused.

It was like I was watching a slow-motion cut from a film. Everything slowed down, the sounds turned into a murmur, & all I could notice were the smiles. All of a sudden there was a glow in the room & the words my husband spoke came back to life & I realized how true they were. All of a sudden there was such an incredible  beauty in the room. The true beauty of genuine laughter, smiles, & love- it is one of the best & most stunning aspects of humanity & I believe one of the most beautiful reminders that were are a reflection of God because we’re made in His image.

And moments like that…I feel like those are just a smidgen…a minuscule slice of a microscopic glimpse of what Heaven will be like in the presence of God- filled with joy, laughter, smiles, worship, peace, light, & infinitely more.

I am a people-watcher…& that’s just my perspective…

Be blessed, friends.

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