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3 Apps to Help You Stay Productive in the New Year

I am not ashamed of the fact that I am a #goalmaker & #goaldigger. I am very much a Type A personality & while even though I’ve recently begun cutting back on the excess in my life, it’s making me work all the harder to find ways to help myself become more & continue to… Continue reading 3 Apps to Help You Stay Productive in the New Year

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Less is More

Oh me. Where do I even begin with this topic? Sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of un-used junk we own. I’m overwhelmed by my to-do lists or the number of obligations I’m precariously balancing on my plate. TO be honest, I often dream of what it would be like to… Continue reading Less is More

Faith, Life, and Marriage · The Encouragement Corner

Julius Caesar & the Type A Personality

There’s a good chance you’ve heard the phrase, “Veni, vidi, vici,” by Julius Caesar which translates to “I came, I saw, I conquered”. Based on history & all his accomplishments, there is a good chance he either naturally was or learned to be a Type A personality. Here’s the thing, though, I personally do not… Continue reading Julius Caesar & the Type A Personality