About The Vintage Heart


FB_IMG_1574609764512.jpgMy name is Emily Grace, I am a follower of Christ, wife, entrepreneur, blogger, coffee addict, fur mom of 3, lover of life, & an aspiring adventurer.

I am passionate about my faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ.  My faith is not blind, but based on the evidence I’ve seen in my life.  I want that evidence to be shown through this the words I pour out here. I’m passionate about encouraging others because I’ve often needed encouragement, too. And I’m passionate about getting out doors, experiencing new things, life, & great, unknown adventures!

Throughout my life, people have told me I act older than my age.  Since I studied History in college, I often joke that I was born in the wrong decade, and sometimes even century. Learning about the cultures and times of the past has made me realize that, while yes, we have so much wonderful technology today that has made life easier, it has also made us so much busier for it.  Sometimes, it would be nice to just go back to a little more simplicity.

My goal in this blog is to encourage everyone, to motivate, to share our adventures in life, & the lessons learned. In life, a majority of people will ask “why”…they’ll question our motives or reasons for our actions, but when people ask me that I want my mentality not to be focused on the fear of “why,” but rather the confidence of the “why not?”

Be blessed, friends, & happy adventuring!


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