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For God With Grace

Let’s be honest, we’re heading into a season of the year where these two things should consume our thoughts & actions…& yet they are usually the last things on our minds- somewhere under baking cookies & buying presents on the to-do list. We’re bombarded with personal expectations, societal pressures, family obligations & tensions. It’s supposed… Continue reading For God With Grace

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A Heart of Gratitude

Writing has always been a kind of therapy for me. And honestly, I’ve noticed a change in myself since I started blogging- I’ve become a lot more positive. People don’t want to read negativity in a blog, we already get enough of that in our daily lives, social media, & on the news. Because of… Continue reading A Heart of Gratitude


Food-Lovin’: Thanksgiving Smorgasbord Soup

It’s Fall, the leaves are changing colors & the temperature is dropping. It’s the time of year when people start to get into the feely-good, cozy mood and their feely-good, cozy clothes. It’s the time of year when families get together to catch up on what’s new around food…. Fall, food, & family…three of my… Continue reading Food-Lovin’: Thanksgiving Smorgasbord Soup